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GUEST SPEAKER: California DMV Investigator Leonard Mata.
TOPIC: DMV Business Partners Automation Program (BPAs)
Also known as Private Registration Services, this BPA class will cover the three BPA categories and how each operates with California DMV.  The class will identify common criminal activities being seen at these services.  This class was created to help Investigators identify a BPA transaction, find the BPA involved and how to secure documents used for the transactions.

A complimentary lunch will be served courtesy of our host,
The Kent Browning Automotive Group.

Attendance Fee will be $10 per person.

John Hootman Memorial Award

In addition to the training meeting / luncheon, there will also be a presentation of CPP SoCal’s 26th Annual John Hootman Memorial Award
by Melissa Somers, Executive Director of CPP SoCal, and WSATI Southern 2021 President.

Click for more info about the award.

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