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This page contains links to previously displayed and deleted meeting minutes on this site.  Click on the link of your choice to go to the page.

November 2017 Corona Meeting
September 2017 Ontario Meeting

Jul 2017 Garden Grove Meeting
May 2017 Long Beach Meeting
March 2017 South Pasadena Meeting
January 2017 Cerritos Meeting
November 2016 Carson Meeting
September 2016 (No Meeting Due to Seminar)
July 2016 Ontario Meeting
May 2016 Long Beach Meeting
March 2016 Van Nuys Meeting
January 2016 Cerritos Meeting
November 2015 Fullerton Meeting
September 2015 Ontario Meeting
July 2015 Los Angeles Meeting
May 2015 Long Beach Meeting
March 2015 Van Nuys Meeting
January 2015 Cerritos Meeting
November 2014 Tustin Meeting
September 2014 Torrance Meeting
July 2014 Rancho Cucamonga Meeting
May 2014 Westchester Meeting
March 2014 Fullerton Meeting
January 2014 Cerritos Meeting
November 2013 Long Beach Meeting
September 2013 Norwalk Meeting
July 2013 Lakewood Meeting
May 2013 (No Meeting Due to Seminar)
March 2013 Covina Meeting
January 2013 Fullerton Meeting
November 2012 Cerritos Meeting
September 2012 Inglewood Meeting
July 2012 Lakewood Meeting
May 2012 Gardena Meeting
March 2012 Covina Meeting
January 2012 Duarte Meeting
November 2011 Lakewood Meeting
September 2011 Rancho Cucamonga Meeting
July 2011 Irvine Meeting
May 2011 Norwalk Meeting
March 2011 Covina Meeting
January 2011 Cerritos Meeting
November 2010 Gardena Meeting
September 2010 Fountain Valley Meeting
July 2010 Lakewood Meeting
May 2010 (No Meeting Due to Seminar)
March 2010 Duarte Meeting
January 2010 Norwalk Meeting
November 2009 Rancho Cucamonga Meeting
September 2009 Carlsbad Meeting
July 2009 Burbank Meeting
May 2009 Long Beach Meeting
March 2009 Covina Meeting
January 2009 Cerritos Meeting
November 2008 Torrance Meeting
September 2008 Cerritos Meeting
July 2008 Riverside Meeting
May 2008 Rancho Cucamonga Meeting
March 2008 Santa Ana Meeting
January 2008 Lakewood Meeting
November 2007 Burbank Meeting
September 2007 (No Meeting Due to Seminar)
July 2007 Torrance Meeting
May 2007 Lakewood Meeting
March 2007 Rancho Cucamonga Meeting
January 2007 Riverside Meeting
November 2006 Burbank Meeting
September 2006 Long Beach Meeting
July 2006 Oceanside Meeting
May 2006 Torrance Meeting
March 2006 Rancho Cucamonga Meeting
January 2006 Riverside Meeting
November 2005 Burbank Meeting
September 2005 Riverside Meeting
July 2005 San Diego Meeting
May 2005 Long Beach Meeting
March 2005 Rancho Cucamonga Meeting
January 2005 Laguna Hills Meeting
November 2004 Burbank Meeting
September 2004 (No Meeting Due to Seminar)
July 2004 Oceanside Meeting
May 2004 Santa Ana Meeting
March 2004 Rancho Cucamonga Meeting
January 2004 Laguna Hills Meeting
November 2003 Burbank Meeting
September 2003 Long Beach Meeting
July 2003 Oceanside Meeting
May 2003 Santa Ana Meeting
March 2003 Rancho Cucamonga Meeting
January 2003 Laguna Hills Meeting
November 2002 Burbank Meeting
September 2002 Long Beach Meeting
July 2002 Carlsbad Meeting
May 2002 Santa Ana Meeting
March 2002 Rancho Cucamonga Meeting
January 2002 Laguna Hills Meeting
November 2001 Burbank Meeting
September 2001 (No Meeting Due to Seminar)
July 2001 Long Beach Meeting
May 2001 Carlsbad Meeting
March 2001 Rancho Cucamonga Meeting
January 2001 Laguna Hills Meeting
November 2000 Monterey Park Meeting
September 2000 San Diego Meeting
July 2000 Long Beach Meeting
May 2000 Palm Springs Meeting
March 2000 Burbank Meeting
January 2000 Laguna Hills Meeting
November 1999 Monterey Park Meeting
September 1999 San Diego Meeting
July 1999 Marina Del Rey Meeting
May 1999 Palm Springs Meeting
March 1999 Van Nuys Meeting
January 1999 Laguna Hills Meeting
November 1998 Monterey Park Meeting
September 1998 (No Meeting Due to Seminar)
July 1998 Marina Del Rey Meeting
May 1998 Palm Springs Meeting
March 1998 Van Nuys Meeting
January 1998 Laguna Hills Meeting

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